26 May

Browse, explore, and purchase mushroom cultures direct from the manufacturer at TheMushie Underground. Our live spore syringesare isolated biological samples nurtured, tested, and expanded here at TMU. Each culture is guaranteed 100%. Live liquid mycelium inoculant in syringes and substrate blocks supports mushroom culture growth. There are hundreds of mushroom species all over the world, many of which grow on a variety of substrates. We use state-of-the-art isolation methods to ensure the highest possible genetic purity. The spore syringes for sale are accompanied by a sterile needle for direct inoculation!We breed high-yielding monocultures of the finest cannabis strains for professional growers. 

Spore Syringe For Sale

Buy Mushroom Syringes that are made specifically for use in laboratories and other sterile settings. It's the ideal syringe for cell culture. It's safer because the contents are never exposed. It's less expensive because it requires fewer consumables. It also has high reliability, excellent chemical resistance, precision, and durability design. Transferring samples without contamination is easy with a syringe from TMU. TMU provides quality and inexpensive, medical spore syringes for sale to help facilitate your daily mushroom culture work. Our disposable spore syringes are economically priced, with options for a single-use or multi-use design. To learn more about our spore and mushroom syringes contact us today. Buy mushroom syringes that are cheap disposable and needles online at wholesale prices through TMU Supply. We have the largest inventory of quality products and a reputation you can trust.Buy mushroom syringes for better cultivation from us and the spore syringes for sale are at affordable prices for you.

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