14 Apr

There are different types of mushrooms. And they need different types of substrates to grow in a health way. Like the plants need soil to grow, to grow mushrooms also need substrates. Like plants use to collect nutrients, energy and moisture from the soil, mushrooms also collect these elements from the substrates. The mushrooms can grow on the substrate and can establish themselves on it. This is a kind of foundation on which the mushrooms use to grow and fruit. So, getting the right kind of substrate is always important. The selection of the substrate can differ on the basis of the mushroom that you want to grow. 

  • Substrates can differ on the basis of the variety of mushrooms that you want to grow

 For example the oyster mushroom needs pasteurized straws as the substrate to grow. However, this variety of mushroom can also grow on office paper, corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, and wood logs. Well, in North America the approach to grow this type of mushroom slightly differs when it comes to the selection of the substrate. They use cereal straws as the substrate to grow oyster mushrooms. Now you can buy mushroom substrate online and can get the right type of substrate for the desired type of mushroom to grow. 

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  • Use right kind of substrate

 As a mushroom grower, you must keep in mind that you need the right kind of substrate to grow the mushrooms healthy. Like certain plants that need particular type of soil and properties to grow healthy, certain mushrooms are also there that need particular type of substrates to grow healthyBuy mushroom substrate online now and ensure that you have the top quality substrate to be used for mushroom cultivation. Click here for more details.

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